We want to continue to develop our special competition policy in all service sectors for the good of our shareholders and staff and to safeguard our company in the long term through economic growth.

to achieve this goal we will:

  • meet our customers’ requirements to the full and offer the best price-performance ratio.
  • work together with our customers and business partners in an atmosphere of fairness and trust.
  • work together with our staff and contracting companies towards long-term mutual success.
  • shape our remuneration policy so that it is in line with the market, is performance-based and meets the requirements.
  • do justice to our responsibility towards the environment at all times.
  • promote the safety awareness of our staff and contractual partners.
  • create an atmosphere of mutual trust within the company that enables every single person to develop their abilities fully and contribute to the success of the company.
  • acknowledge the performance and commitment of others and respect their dignity and personal liberty.
  • promote diversity of opinion, different ways of thinking and individuality, and use these to achieve creative, progressive solutions.
  • support the continuous personal development of each individual through challenging tasks, conferral of responsibility and targeted advanced training measures.
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