Comprehensive Service for Commercial Vehicles

A defective motor vehicle costs valuable time in day-to-day business. That is why it is especially important to have access to reliable, comprehensive service with an expert team that can quickly perform repairs as well as maintenance and inspections. With the optimally equipped authorized repair shop in Saal/Donau, the Spedition Horst Pöppel offers this services not only to MAN drivers, but also to drivers of other makes.

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Our mechanics are on the job in two-shift operation from Monday morning to Saturday noon. In addition, we also offer a mobile repair shop and 24-hour emergency service. At this site, as well as at the central office in Regensburg, truck washing bays are also available for vehicle cleaning.


Pechackerstraße 8
93342 Saal/Donau
Telephone: +49 (9441) 81 01 10
Fax: +49 (9441) 81 01 47